Eating at Mandarin

Do you offer discounts for kids or seniors?
Children 4 years old or under are a $2 sharing price for the buffet.
Children 5 – 12 years old are ½ price for the buffet.
Seniors 65 years old and more (with valid I.D.) receive 20% off the buffet price.

Do you offer other discounts? For groups? For frequent customers? On birthdays?
We are committed to offering the best quality of food, service and atmosphere and we strive to deliver value to our customers continuously, without any additional discounts. However, we do offer a Birthday Coupon for a free meal when you sign-up for our Mandarin Dish e-newsletter. Visit our sign-up page for full details.

Is there a need to reserve a table?
Our restaurants are generally very busy, therefore reservations are highly recommended.

Are the items on the buffet the same at all times and at all locations?
Most items are the same, but some items vary by location because of different tastes and preferences of our customers.
Also, we recognize that our customers seek different choices in dishes from time to time. As a result, some items are changed throughout the week to add more variety.
The dishes offered may also change during special promotions.

Is there a dress code or a minimum age restriction?
Guests at Mandarin generally wear casual or casual business attire, but some guests like to dress up when attending our restaurants for special occasions. (Tank tops or bare feet will not be allowed in the restaurants). Children ages 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there free parking?
Yes, we offer our guests free parking.
For Mandarin Yonge (2200 Yonge Street), the parking lot entrance is located on Berwick Avenue which is 1 block South of Eglinton, off Yonge. The parking lot is multi-level and the public parking is on the roof of Canada Square. Mandarin will gladly reimburse you for parking in this lot on weekends all day and weekdays after 5:00 p.m. only with a purchase over $30.

Is there wheelchair access?
All Mandarin restaurants are wheelchair accessible.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit. There are also ATM machines located in some our restaurants. If you require an ATM machine, please contact the restaurant you wish to visit in order to confirm availability.

What holiday price increases/other changes can I expect?
Our holiday prices are usually the same as our weekend prices. On certain holidays, we hold special promotions, or include special items on our buffet. Please call the restaurant you want to visit for more details.

Are there private rooms available?
Some locations do have designated areas or sections for private functions. To inquire about booking these, please call the restaurant of your choice.

Food & Nutrition

Is the food you serve kosher? Do you use pork?
Our food is not categorized as kosher. We use pork in some dishes, but also offer many dishes which do not contain any pork. We attempt to accommodate the food requirements of as many customers as possible.

Does Mandarin use MSG in its recipes?
We do not add MSG to our food. However, there are some food items, such as mushrooms and tomatoes, which produce natural MSG when cooked.

Has Mandarin’s food been analyzed for allergens like nuts, gluten, corn, etc.?
Our food has not been analyzed for allergens. Many of our items contain ingredients like nuts, corn, gluten, etc., or have come in contact with those ingredients. It is, therefore, recommended that those with severe food allergies not dine at our restaurants.

Is nutritional information available?
Our food has not yet been analyzed for nutritional content. We hope to provide this information to our customers in the near future.

Are any menu items vegetarian?
While many of our items do not contain meat, we use chicken base in many of our dishes. For further information, please speak to the restaurant manager.

Business Information

How do I make a request for a donation or sponsorship?
Requests for donations or sponsorship can be made to the individual restaurants. Please send a letter to the managers of your local Mandarin detailing your cause, and a decision will be made by them. We ask that your letter be sent in at least a month before the event to ensure there is sufficient time for a decision to be made.

Are there franchising opportunities available?
Mandarin Restaurant Franchise Corporation only accepts franchisees from within our existing system. Mandarin franchisees must work for at least one year at any of the restaurants. Upon favourable recommendation, potential applicants will then be admitted to the training program at the corporate headquarters. Franchisees are selected from this pool of applicants.

Gift Certificates, how can they be purchased?
Gift certificates are available in denominations of $10, $20 and $50. They can be purchased, in person, at any of our restaurants. At the current time, we are unable to sell gift certificates remotely via telephone, website, or e-mail.